Do you have any test machines to guarantee the cargo quality?

We do have our own screen protector test machines for our R&D and QC departments to check the samples and cargo. There are the water droplets angel test machine, baking, falling, transmittance, hardness, rubbing, rainbow lines test machine, etc.. And below are the pictures of these machine for your reference.

For new items’ development, our R&D use the machines to make sure the new products can fit the real devices. And they will make the standard manufacturing procedures. Then the production department will manufacture the items according to the confirmed samples.

Our QC department will take some of the cargo from the semi-finished and finished products to do the related quality tests. And every shipment will have a passed QC report. So that the customers get the correct and qualified products.

For examples, you can watch this video to see our 3D tempered glass edges' hardness test.

And for more details, please feel free to contact us.

Screen Protector Water Droplets Angle Test Machine
screen protector quality test machines