General Data

Minimum Width(mm)Max Length(mm)Gross Weight(g)Thickness(mm)


For the PET protectors, always you can buy the front or back film only. And you can purchase the full set of front and back film. The lead time of the PET film is just about 1 to 3 work days. Both with and without retail boxes and installation accessories orders are acceptable.

For the usual smartphone, such as the iPhone series, we do have the stock of the front and back film daily. Fast shipment and accurate data is guaranteed.

Our PET film is always thick and easy to apply. Accurate data is guaranteed.

There are 2 kinds of PET film: premium and ordinary. Welcome to contact us to get free samples to test which is more suitable to you.

For the PET film, no matter which models of the smartphones, tablets and even laptops, we can custom as per your requirements. And for the special devices which are not common in the market, with your drawings, we can produce exclusively for you too. Once you need to custom your own items, it only takes 3 to 4 days for you to get the cargo from the day we get the drawings. Please contact us for further discussion.