Who we are?

Dongguan Medas Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional screen protector manufacturer. It was founded by a Chinese family who were enthusiastic about the cellphone screen protection in 2005. And since then, it has been dedicating in screen and back protectors’ production for over 17 years!

Now we have our own 5 staff R&D team and more than 200 workers. The production work time is usually Monday to Saturday, from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm, 2:00 pm to 5:30 pm and 6:30 pm to 10:00 pm except the public holidays.

Our workshop is about 3000 square meters. There are 1 cutting machine,12 CNC machines, 8 grinding machines,1 set of ultrasonic washing machines, 2 tempering furnaces, 5 hot bending machines, 1 electroplating machine, 1 drying machine, 4 laminating machines, 1 film cutting machine and 1 sticker pasting machine.

Currently we can produce about 8000000 pieces of smartphone tempered glass screen protectors yearly and 5000 pieces of protective film such as TPU, PET, anti-scratch film and so on. Because of 100% QC before shipment, our products are always praised by our customers for high quality. With quick and effective problem solving action, we also get good reputation among our customers.

What do we concern?

As a professional screen protectors manufacturer, products’ quality is our life. Currently nearly all of the customers are very satisfied with our items.

For the stumbling beginnings, we faced many problems. For example, the glass was too fragile for the international shipping. In order to find out the strongest packing ways for different kinds of screen protectors, we did many shock tests. We dropped the real glass in different inner packages to the ground. Then we recorded the most suitable packing materials and best packing procedures. Then finally, all of our foreign customers got the cargo totally in good condition.

And here is another story about the quality problem:

7 years ago we just did the QC according to the domestic industrial standards. That was just to check the semi-finished items after every production procedure. The problem was that even we executive the strictest QC rules, and there was a QC team who was to check the items before packing, the non-conformance rate of the finished products was still about 1%. For the big orders, this non-conformance rate was still too high. So we had to do some adjustment for the finished products’ QC procedures. The original finished QC team was to check the finished products but not to pack anything. Then we added one more QC team to check the finished goods again before packing. That’s total twice QC for the finished products. Then our clients could get the cargo with non-conformance rate less than 0.5%. In most cases, the conformance rate was 100%.

There are a lot of stories we can tell during all these years. From the easy items, such as PET, to the quite complex curve glass, market and customers are driving us to grow. From the small work shop to a professional manufacturing factory, we are developing better and better. Thanks to all of the old customers. And we’re looking forward to establish long term good cooperation with new customers.

Our history:

2005-2010: We produced the screen protective film for the cellphone’s models, say Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson and so on. During this period, the ordinary cellphones were very popular. And the ordinary PET screen protective film was very popular too.

2011-2013: Since the smart phones had became the main communication devices during this period, we shifted to produce the PET protective film for the smart phones such as iPhone, Samsung, HTC models. Then in 2013 we tried to produce the tempered glass screen protector while we were producing the ordinary PET film. At this time the tempered glass screen protector had came out.

2013 till now: We focus on producing the tempered glass screen protectors. Tempered glass is being improved all these years. For example,it was from the straight edge to 2.5D then to 3D edges. And it was from only to cover the screen to cover the full device’s surface. The technology is always innovating. We are always keeping up with the pace of times to meet customer’s requirements to produce the advanced screen and back protectors too.

OEM/ODM is always welcome. We are dedicating in screen and back protectors’ production for diverse consumers’ electronics. And we can help realize your exclusive models and your brands’ items. With on time shipment, competitive price, guaranteed quality, quick service response, surely we will be one of your best suppliers. To keep know more about us, please visit: our Facebook main page.