Can we trust your presale orders of new items?

Presale orders of new items from us are always safe. You just do not need to worry about it. Because our data is always correct and we do have satisfied after-sales service.

Firstly, we do have the confidence of the new items’ data before we start the bulk production. For example, we start to sell and produce the bulk orders of tempered glass screen protectors of iPhone 14 series in July 2022. And as you know, the iPhone 14 series will be launched in September 2022. We do think our data of the items are correct. Then we do not afraid to start the production. And we will never increase the selling price of the presale items. We will never transfer the risk of error data to our clients.

Secondly, if the quantity of your presale orders is extremely big, we can separate the production for you. We will produce your top urgent orders with small quantity first. Then  you can solve your top urgent sales needs. And you can order us to start your bulk production when the real phones are launched and data is accurate.

Thirdly, we will replace the wrong items to you for totally free, in case our presale items shipped to you are error. Then there is no need for you to worry about our presale items. The quality and quantity of the replacement will be completely to be the same as the presale items we ship out to you. No any extra charge for you to pay again for the replacement.  But if you do not want any replacement, we can return the amount of the presale orders of error items to you too. And you can choose the most convenient way for you to handle the error presale items. This is our extremely good after sales service.

To know more about this, please get in touch with us.