How To Find Out Good Screen Protectors Manufacturer?

How to find out good screen protectors manufacturer? This article will advise you extremely useful information.

Here is why:

The emergence of technology coupled with the rapid development in the electronics industry means many people in the present day now have easy access to electronic devices. Mistakes happen. And as humans, we don’t want to leave the fate of our electronic devices to chance. So, in order to protect our treasure from damage, the best action to take is to put a safety measure in place and that is when screen protectors become a very important tool. This action is the driving force behind the boom in the screen protector industry and never before has there been a better time as this for explosive demands for screen protectors. I mean explosive demands for a high-quality scratch-resistant, bubble-free, screen protector with awesome touch sensitivity. This makes it mandatory for serious business owners and screen protectors retail stores to partner with the best of the best lens protector suppliers in order to handle their increasing demands effectively and offer great value to service their end-users.

In this article, you’ll discover the secrets tips that will update your knowledge of the industry. It’ll expose you to well-informed industry insights and at the same time serve as a guide to help you make great decisions when choosing the best screen protector manufacturer or supplier for your store. Before it reveals to you the secrets of highly successful business owners, it helps them partner with the best screen protectors’ manufacturers. They supply them with best quality products that boost their brand’s credibility in return. Ok, it’ll to reveal to you quickly.

Top 7 Screen Protector Products That Sell Very Fast


2.5D Full Glue Glass Supplier

For this 2.5D full coverage tempered glass screen protectors, there are two versions which are: the full glue and the side glue. The full glue-covered glass screen, you can be sure that there will not be any white edges problem after the installation. It gives absolute protection for your electronic devices. For the side glue full cover screen shields, the touch is perfect. And it gives a smart sensitivity even when you’re playing games on your phone.


3D Tempered Glass Screen Protectors Supplier

3D tempered glass screen protectors are the best for curved edges devices like the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, Note20 Ultra, S21 Ultra, S10, S10 Plus, Note9, and others. It provides full-screen protection for these types of phones because it has a curved edge. Also, its thickness allows users to experience the original touch sensitivity. And this feature also has a great transparency ratio without a compromise on the image quality. In most cases, it is made from Aluminosilicate glass which gives it a premium level of protection. Also, it comes with a shatter-proof film, anti-scratch, and dust resistant glue to prevent screens from scratches and dust.


Rear Camera Lens Protectors Supplier

This product is used to protect the lens such as a digital camera or phone’s rear camera. This means it must be manufactured using a material that will not affect the quality of the pictures taken with the camera and at the same time, protects the lens from breaking. The PET hybrid glass film is the best material for a lens protector. Lens protectors made from this material don’t affect the lens flashlight ability to take perfectly clear photos. It’s invisible, easy to install and do not leave any residue after removal. Also, it’s shatterproof like the tempered glass.

If you need to test or get a sample of this fast-selling product, follow this link to get a sample quickly.


Privacy Tempered Glass Screen Protectors Supplier

As the name implies “privacy glass screen protector”, it performs two main functions. It protects phone screen and at the same time shield the screen content from someone that is trying to spy. This means users can enjoy their privacy while in a public bus without the fear of revealing confidential information or worry about a nosy by-sitter.

Also, it’s able to perform this function. Because it uses a special filter that allows the light intensity to pass through from specific angles. It gives a perfect viewing from the front angle. And if anyone is viewing from the site, all they will see is a darkened screen.


Anti-Glare Tempered Glass Screen Protectors Supplier

This is unique and your customers will definitely love it. Here is why anti-glare glass screen protector is the best type of screen protector for people that work in very bright places or always outside of their home:

  • It has a way of reducing the sun/light reflection. And this is possible because of its non-reflective matte coat finishing.
  • It’s suitable for smartphone, monitor, laptop as opposed to glossy screens that are difficult to view in the presence of sunlight. Aside from the fact that it reduces glare for your led screen. It also decreases fingerprints on the screen and performs every other function of a glass screen protector.

What’s more? This glass has the best anti-fingerprint functions. So, it is the most suitable tempered glass screen guards for the heavy phone/tablet game players.


Tablet PET Screen Protectors Supplier

This doesn’t mean a pet like a “cat” or “dog”, PET stands for “polyethylene terephthalate”. It is a high-gloss, crack-resistant transparent plastic applicable in varying industries. The PET film screen protector with a crack-resistant coating on one side and a glue layer on another makes it useful as a protector. They are affordable, provides a clear screen viewing. But it comes with quite little defect. They are easily discolored compared to the 3D tempered glass, NANO Film screen protector and other glass screen protector. Also, if you want to stock this, it is advisable you buy them from the best screen protector supplier so that you can buy the best quality.


TPU Screen Protectors Supplier

Here we have the next screen protector on the list, Thermoplastic Polyurethane Film Screen Protector. It is also known as (TPU). The thermoplastic ability is reinforced by a chemical addiction to increase its scratch-resistance, toughness, elasticity, and oil resistance. All these contribute to why it’s used as a screen protector. Also, due to its elasticity, it is believed to return back to its original form when slightly stretched or scratched. Lastly, TPU protectors are easy to apply because of the special cut. It’s easy to Peel off the cut’s release film and paste the first part to the device. If any bubble appears during the installation, it’s quite easy to remove it too.

From market studies and research, you can never go wrong if you stock your store with these 7 hot selling screen protectors.

As promised, it’s time to reveal

The Secrets Highly Successful Companies Of How to Find Out Good Screen Protectors Manufacturer


  1. Perfect Understanding their screen protector supplier delivery schedule. This is very important because you wouldn’t want your orders delivered very late behind schedule. When looking for suppliers to partner with, it’s important to discuss in details how long it will take them to deliver your products.
  2. Manufacturer/Supplier Production procedure: knowing what methods or materials your screen or lens protectors use helps a lot. For example, you won’t love to partner with a supplier that uses low-quality materials for production. Understanding the materials and procedure used and ensuring they meet up with industry-standard will keep your brand credibility intact.
  3. Ensure the supplier has excellent customer service: Not only that this helps you to resolve any issue as fast as possible, but it also aids you to make the best decision for your choice of product. A great customer service system will work hand in hand with you. And it to ensure you get the best value for your money. This is not just that, they also provide after support to build a long term business relationship.
  4. The number of MOQ / Custom Product Option: Not all lens protector companies offer customization. This means it’s important to make an inquiry about this before commitment. Also, every company has its specific MOQ I.e Minimum Order Quantity. So we advise knowing the MOQ for each product beforehand.
  5. What’s their Payment Term?: On a final note, you need to know if it’s pay before shipment or after shipment. And also, you should make a comprehensive research to know if there are other contingency charges aside from what they have on paper. Knowing all these will save your business unwarranted stress, and bills.

Final Note

If you’re genuinely interested in partnering with the best screen protector manufacturer that will deliver great products for your store, you’re in the right place. We at Medasguard always focus on protecting the consumers’ electronic devices since our foundation in 2005. With a capable 5 staff R&D team and over 200 professionally trained workers working in our 3000 square meters workshop, you will surely get a quick delivery and high-quality products from us.

Currently, we produce about 8000000 pieces of smartphone tempered glass screen protectors yearly. And we produce 50000 pieces of protective film daily, such as TPU, PET, anti-scratch film and so on. Partner with us today and join our league of happy and satisfied customers.