General Data

Main Material Tempered Time (Hours) Thickness (mm) Transmittance (%)
Glass 3 0.45-0.6 ≥92


3D tempered glass screen protectors are so great for the current popular curved edges smartphones, such as the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, Note20 Ultra, S21 Ultra, OnePlus 10 Pro, OPPO Find X5 Pro and so on.

As a professional screen protector manufacturer, we are able to offer most of the curved edges smartphones’ models’ 3D tempered glass screen guards. Some hot sale models, such as the Samsung S10 and S10 Plus, we have both side glue version and full glue version. But for the stock cargo, not all of the models have the full glue version. Some models only have the side glue version. Please contact us for the detailed info about the models you want.

Our 3D tempered glass screen protectors are easy to install. And it’s easy to take the glass away without any hurt to the display.

For example, please view this video for the installation of the Samsung S10 3D side glue full coverage tempered glass screen protectors your reference. And also as you can see, our fingerprint scan is so sensitive.

Since the moulds of the 3D glass guards are too expensive,unless your ODM project’s quantity can be more than 10000pcs per 1 model,otherwise,it’s too difficult for us to custom the 3D glass exclusively for you. But for the OEM projects,say to use our own glass with your own designed packages and accessories,it’s OK for us to custom your brand.