General Data

Main Material Tempered Time (Hours) Thickness (mm) Transmittance (%)
Glass 3 0.45 ≥92


The 3D UV liquid glue tempered glass screen protectors are quite popular for the curve edges smartphones, such as the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, Note20 Ultra, Note2010, OPPO Find X5, etc. And one of the most important functions of our 3D liquid glue items is that ours do not affect the fingerprint scan of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and Note20 Ultra.

Then ours will not peel off or have any bubbles after installation. Because our tempered glass fits the real device very well. And our UV liquid glue is from Korean. So you just don’t need to worry about any claim for the troublesome after sales problems.

We offer most of the 3D curve edge smartphones’ models in this UV glass. And usually we have enough stock for the hot selling models, such as Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, S21 Ultra, Note20 Ultra, Note20 Plus, Huawei P50 Pro, P50 and Mate 40 Pro, Mate 40E (4G/5G), OPPO Find X5. So we can be ship these models out immediately.

  1. Pour the liquid UV glue onto the screen of the smartphone.
  2. Put the glass onto the screen in the right positions. Then the liquid UV glue will run the full screen by itself. And the glass will be in full glue.
  3. Use the UV light to dry the liquid UV glue. So once the glue is dry, the installation is finished.

For your reference, please watch this installation video for Samsung Note9.

We can accept OEM / ODM your own UV glue glass for any devices, even for your exclusive machines.

For example, if you have your own ideas about the glass design for the usual models, you just need to tell us your ideas. Then we can draw the related drawings for you. And we will produce some samples for you to confirm. And we’ll have our own suggestions about your ideas too. We can work together to realize your own designs.

If there are any special devices you wanna protect but no suitable cargo, you just send your own drawings to us. Then we can produce the samples to you to confirm before the bulk production. Or you can just show the detailed specifications and other information of your devices, we may have our own suggestions to you. So please communicate with us,we can help!